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Pool Safety Covers in Florida

Pool Safety Covers

 Pool Covers have been around for years. The challenge is that not all pool covers are pool safety covers. Tarps with water bags on the borders do not qualify as a pool safety cover as the present two main issues. The first
Is that the water from rain collects on top of the tarp or cover resulting in a “pool on top of a pool”. The second and unsafe component of this type of pool cover is the fact that if a child or family pet were to fall into the tarp, the tarp would wrap around them. This type of covers is not recommended for any pool. They are simply unsafe and are do not help to keep your pool clean either.

Freedom pool Service only offers pool safety products that meet and or exceed their respective ASTM requirements in their pool safety product arsenal. Pool safety covers offered by Freedom Pool Service meet or exceed ASTM F 1346-91 standards. We offer three types of pool safety covers ranging in price and necessity to accommodate your pool safety needs as well as how much you use your pool. There are several factors a homeowner must consider when selecting what type of pool safety cover best suits their needs for their pool. Do you plan on closing your pool for extended periods of time (3 months or more)? How much maintenance are you planning to have done when your pool is closed (weekly chemicals added, monthly chemicals added)? Do you have a specific color preference for your pool safety cover?  These questions will help guide you towards your ideal pool safety cover material.  

Why choose Freedom Pool Service for your pool safety cover consultant? Freedom Pool Service has installed hundreds of pool safety covers ranging from a simple in ground swim spa to a complex swimming pool that has an island in the middle of it. Experience makes a difference and using a proprietary measuring program, we can measure for your custom pool safety cover to ensure that the cover is a perfect fit. The measuring of a custom pool safety cover usually takes about an hour. It requires two people with vast experience especially on complex swimming pools (swimming pools with waterfalls, grottos, raised spas etc.).

We have provided you with some frequently asked questions that may help provide some insight on pool safety covers offered by Freedom Pool Service.

What type of anchor is used for my pool safety cover?

The anchor is made of brass for durability. It is a ¾” diameter cam that is flush mounted. The cam can be twisted and becomes flush with the concrete or decking when not in use so nobody hurts their toe on the anchors.  

What colors can I choose from for my pool safety cover?

The color of your pool safety cover depends on which of the three products you choose. Most the time homeowners choose blue as it represents the color of pools and green is often the second most popular choice. Beige was introduced a couple of years ago and seems to be picking up momentum.

How many anchors are used to install a pool safety cover? An anchor is installed every three to five feet apart depending on the shape and size of the pool.

What is the warranty on the pool safety cover? The warranty of the cover is going to depend on the material you select. The range is from 12 to 15 years. We will review this upon your decision of product and color as well as provide a document for your records.

Is the pool safety cover easy to take off and install? A typical pool safety cover can be taken off and put back on in about 15 minutes. The first time is a little longer but once you install and remove the pool safety cover, it becomes easier and faster.

How do I store my pool safety cover? A storage bag is provided with the cover for storing the cover. Simply let the cover dry out and then fold the cover up and place it in the storage bag until needed. 

Pool Safety Covers FL

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